My Story

I'm a mom. I married when I was fairly young and started having children immediately. Before I met my ex-husband, I'd never desired marriage or that level of commitment to anything, so when it happened it caught me by surprise.

Before I married, God made it uber clear that I didn't need to marry the guy. The confirmation came in three different forms:

  • The first was from a friend, who knew we were involved.
  • The second was from my spiritual leader, who had no clue I was even dating or courting (choose whichever you prefer, although they differ greatly).
  • The third was God Himself. He showed up in my dreams, through the word, and when I fled from my church like Jonah  He spoke to me at another church.

Well, I disobeyed God. I ignored His wisdom. Neglecting to see that He wasn't trying to withhold something good from me, but was trying to lead me to something that was good for me.

I didn’t sign up for this life by myself.

When my ex-husband and I separated, I was left with alone with our children and felt like my life was truly ruined. I was like "who's going to want me?" and thinking "I didn't sign up for this life by myself."

But God has given me an amazing family and the best thing He's done, in relation to this, is to allow me to see that. Oh I wouldn't trade them for anything and my life wasn't ruined, after all, it's better! 

So for those who feel like you've messed up your haven't. God is just waiting for you to let Him in so that He can help...

Journal every day.

For those that say, nobody wants me...somebody will always want you, so don't worry about that. Furthermore, you want "the somebody" that wants you to be who God just fall in love with God and be content with His love until He adds someone else into your life!

Starting today, begin journaling and as you continue to surrender to Him, watch the rate at which change occurs in your life!

Amber Mcafee