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Messenger of Love. Advocate of Hope. One Living a Life of Conviction Over Culture.


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I create killer social media content, so you don't have to.



God's Scribe

Enjoy a few of my literary musings. 

Black + White Mod Styled Woman


I'm a mom. I married when I was fairly young and started having children immediately.

I never desired marriage or that level of commitment to anything, so when it happened it caught me by surprise.

before i married, God made it uber clear that I didn't need to marry the guy. The confirmation came in three different forms:


i Slay

I don't struggle with self-esteem not because I think I'm "pretty," but because God showed me my worth and I chose(choose) to believe Him.

Here's how he showed me...

Those that are close to me have always known me to have high self-esteem or at least that was until i got involved with this one guy.   



words are powerful. words tell stories. words teach. words reach. words persuade. words compel. words are seen. words reveal. words speak for the heart. words Are contrived. words create. words flow. words go. words are active. words activate. words birth life. words cause death. words remain, once you release them they don't come back. 

I create unique articles, perform edits, and complete fact checks to promote your brand.  



Lola's Art

I create handcrafted, one of a kind art pieces.